A2N Uganda is a national NGO with mandate to operate in all areas of Uganda.

A2N-Uganda offers the following services and products;
i. Extension services (including consultancies and advisory services in good agricultural practices including agronomy of different crops, Water and sanitation, personal and environmental hygiene.
ii. Education and training of participating farmers in specific agricultural and market access skills.
iii. On-farm experimentation, demonstration and proven technology transfer/dissemination
iv. Organising farmers into viable community based organisations for sustainable development.
v. Referral services and linkages to market chains and value chain actors and business development services providers.
vi. Facilitate intra and inter dialogues and discussion platforms for farmers, local policy makers and market chain players.
vii. Develop training and information materials for own and wide stakeholders utilisation in extension, education and training of small and medium farmers and for advocacy on agricultural production and market access.
viii. Internships and field attachments for University and college learners.