Welcome to Africa 2000 Network Uganda

  • Our Location Kampala, Plot 70 Bukoto Street,
    Lower Kololo, P.O. Box 21990.

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How we work

 A2N-Uganda focuses on giving farmers options rather than imposing specific production systems on them. We believe that sustainability can only be achieved by giving farmers self-responsibility steered towards new agricultural explorations. 

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Who we work with

Over the years, A2N – Uganda has worked with thousands of farmers.  We are currently implementing several projects operating in 75 sub counties in over 30 districts and we are aiming at reaching over 150,000 farmers over the next 5 years.

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What we focus on

 Development is based on human beings, and just as human beings are complex creatures, their development is a very complex process. A2N-Uganda has gone through a long process of careful evaluation on how its vision under the prevailing conditions can be achieved

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We helping farmers

About Africa 2000 Network - Uganda

Africa 2000 Network -Uganda is a local Non-Governmental organization that was conceived in 1986 at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Special Session on the Critical economic Situation in Africa. Later in 1990, the idea developed into a United Nations Development Program that was implemented in 13 African Countries supporting community based projects aimed at environmental protection and promotion of ecologically sustainable development for improved livelihoods.

Governance The Annual General Assembly (AGA) Is The Supreme Governing Organ Of The A2N Uganda. The AGA Elects A Board Of Directors (BoD) Every Three (3) Years. The BoD Provides Strategic Direction And Supervises Management. Management Is Headed By An Executive Director Who Reports To The BoD..

Our Programme A2N Uganda Has A Five Year Strategic Planning Cycle. Our Currently Strategic Plan (2017 To 2021) Seeks To Support Farming Household To Transformation Themselves From Subsistence To Market-Focused Production

Why Choose Us

Africa 2000 Network -Uganda is a local Non Governmental organization that was conceived in 1996 at the United Nations(UN) General Asembly Special Session on the Critical economic Situation in Africa.

Food And Nutrition Security

A2N-Uganda recognizes the widely accepted fact that whereas there is a diversity of crops grown in the different parts of Uganda,,

Agri-Business Development

Farmers are facing many constraints in the marketing of their products, such as lack of market power, information deficits, and quality issues.

Policy Advocacy And Knowledge Sharing

Understanding issues and policies affecting agricultural production and market access at all levels,

A2N-Uganda Institutional Developmentt

Only a well-functioning organizational structure will allow for successful implementation and sustainability of projects.