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Food and Nutrition Security

A2N-Uganda recognizes the widely accepted fact that whereas there is a diversity of crops grown in the different parts of Uganda, majority of the smallholder and medium farmers still suffer malnutrition. A2N- Uganda promotes access and utilization of diverse foods to attain properly nourished, healthy, and active communities. Farming in Uganda has a huge potential, and farmers must be the ones to benefit from this by achieving sustainable levels of productivity, planting new suitable crops, and applying appropriate technologies. “Farming is a means of leading a better life and increasing productivity.

Agri-Business Development

Farmers are facing many constraints in the marketing of their products, such as lack of market power, information deficits, and quality issues. A2N-Uganda encourages farmers to form groups and associations through which they can be identified and find it easier to access genuine markets for their produce. At the same time, trainings focus on the diversification of income and value chains. Community stores and bulking have proved to be viable options for improving income security etc.

Policy Advocacy and Knowledge Sharing

Understanding issues and policies affecting agricultural production and market access at all levels, and the ability to advocate for change in policy and practices is crucial for farmers, and so is the vivid exchange and knowledge sharing between farmers.

A2N-Uganda apple farmers in Kabale district have profited a lot from their regular information exchange. Not only that, their voices can even be heard up to district level. This has helped a great deal in promoting those wonderful sweet apples from Kabale district, a fruit which only a few years ago, was practically unknown around here.” (Wilberforce Serwanga, project coordinator Kabale office) A2N-Uganda also engages in technology transfer to facilitate dissemination of proven technologies from research institutions or other farming communities. We have for instance been instrumental in promoting the ‘Strigaway’ technology using ‘IR maize’, a novel technology that eradicates the Striga weed also called ‘kayongo’ in cereal farm lands. Other research institutions we work with include National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Makerere University Kampala